The entrepreneurial spirit can spring from many different sources.

- Phil Coop

Being an entrepreneur is a way of life, a way of approaching opportunities and challenges, and seeing the potential in all situations.

- Mary McDonald

Entrepreneurship is the foundation of the American business world.

- Michael J. Bruns
07Mar 2018

The Best Kept Secret

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We’re the best kept secret in town!   I have heard it more than a few times when someone is describing their business, their institution, or services.  It’s almost bragging rights to be a secret.  So, you’re the best kept secret in town.  And that’s a good thing?  I don’t think so, not if you want to attract more customers, clients, students, and business to your doors.  Sometimes it is just difficult to be noticed for what you or your business does when there are so many voices competing for the attention of your potential customers.  Maybe, in spite of the strength of your product or service, the revenue is not what it could be. So how do you let the secret out?  This is particularly important if you are on a tight budget due to flat revenue— because you’re a secret.   There are hundreds of way to affordably spread the word, but just to get started, let’s talk about the 10 easiest ways to market your business.

  1. Build your personal brand, your reputation, who you are.  If you are known as someone who is trustworthy, has integrity, is able to form relations with people that are mutually beneficial, then what you represent will have value.
  2. Find out about others first. Listen, ask questions, and find common ground in building business relationships.
  3. Communicate effectively in order to strengthen relationships with your customers. Sharpen your speaking abilities so that when you are called on to say a few words about your business, you’ll be prepared.  Make sure that all written communications that come from your business are proofed for grammar, spelling, and content.
  4. Develop a web presence through a web site for your business. Keep it informative, current, and user friendly.  Provide multiple ways for potential customers to contact you.
  5. Develop a social media plan using the most suitable social media sites for your business. Find out what social media sites your customers use and start with those.  Implement the plan!
  6. Make social networking part of your daily routine.
  7. Don’t just sell, send quality tweets, re-tweet meaningful messages, recognize the success of your business, or individuals in the organization, congratulate others.
  8. Take advantage of Facebook, start a fan page for your business and use promotions to attract people to “Like” your page.
  9. Network! Use social media like LinkedIn for professional networking so that people can find out more about you, and your business.  Better still, get out in the real world and meet people, seek public speaking opportunities, pass out your business card at a trade shows or conventions, join a club, professional association, or community organization.  Network!
  10. Use your business to make a difference. Get involved in service to the community or supporting non-profits.   Make your corporate culture one of service to others.  Get involved.  Create opportunities for volunteerism at your business.

So start right now letting that best kept secret out, it’s easier than you think!

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