A true entrepreneur can emerge from any vocation-medicine, fine arts, philosophy, business, law, education, etc.-for a true entrepreneur, from my perspective, is simply one who has a vision and the tenacity to pursue that vision.


Entrepreneurship is a spirit. It is creativity, passion, confidence, advancement and achievement.


Hall of Honor

Entrepreneurship isn’t about fame, and it isn’t entirely about fortune either. We do what we do because we are independent, driven, and creative. We measure our success in the realization of our vision and in our capacity to grow and adapt regardless of what the market throws at us. Those who do this exceptionally well become notable business leaders, and they have earned the right to be recognized and celebrated.

The Society of Entrepreneurs sponsors the Entrepreneurial Hall of Honor so that the region’s most exceptional – even legendary – entrepreneurs receive the recognition that is due them. The individuals who are featured in the Hall of Honor have, without question, reshaped their industries, reminding us that entrepreneurs are the heart that drives business innovation.

The Society also wants to provide others with access to the stories and insights of these pioneers, so that others can benefit from their outstanding success. We invite you to visit the Hall of Honor online, where you can enjoy multimedia presentations on each of our inductees and find links to their business web sites. A measure of the exceedingly high prestige of being included in the Hall of Honor is that it is not an annual award. The Hall of Honor is only expanded if and when an individual has indisputably demonstrated the accomplishments necessary for such exclusive recognition.

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Frederick W. SMITH

FedEx Corporation

IN MEMORIAM: Hall of Honor

P.O. Box 770839
Memphis, Tennessee 38177