Season 5: Episode 8

Empowering Entrepreneurs through Mentoring

The Season Finale of our Entrepreneurial Insights Podcast was recorded at a recent Entrepreneurs Roundtable Meeting on Empowering Entrepreneurs through Mentoring.  When Leta Nutt, Founder of NuttBio became ill and unable to present at the last minute, Jan Bouten, Partner in Innova Memphis (and Leta’s husband) and Dr. Mary McDonald, MCD Partners, agreed to present with Carolyn Hardy, Chism Hardy Investments.  While we definitely missed Leta, what followed was an incredible, open discussion on mentorship.

Issues addressed included: How can I identify potential mentors in my field of interest?  How do I approach someone to ask them to be my mentor?  How can I establish clear expectations and goals in a mentorship relationship?  How do I navigate challenges or conflicts that may arise in a mentorship dynamic?

We hope that you enjoy this insightful conversation with Carolyn, Mary, and Jan.