Season 5: Episode 6

Brad Larschan

The Society of Entrepreneurs and Epicenter recently launched What’s Next, a series of lunches featuring new and exciting businesses in the Memphis area. This podcast was recorded during the founder of Avadain Brad Larschan’s, recent What’s Next presentation.

Avadain is at the forefront of nanotech, with the only known technology capable of manufacturing the world’s most highly sought-after advanced material – large, thin, and nearly defect-free (LTDF) graphene flakes. LTDF graphene flakes are the strongest, lightest, most electrically and thermally conductive material ever discovered. It is an additive material; adding a tiny amount can transform hundreds of billions of dollars of high-value products.

The Wall Street Journal calls graphene “An impending turning point in high tech as important as silicon….”

The New Yorker says “Graphene may be the most remarkable substance ever discovered.”

We hope that you will enjoy this episode with Brad Larschan, as he shares how this atomic scale material that won the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physics will soon touch the lives of almost every person, every day.