The entrepreneurial spirit can spring from many different sources.

- Phil Coop

Being an entrepreneur is a way of life, a way of approaching opportunities and challenges, and seeing the potential in all situations.

- Mary McDonald

Entrepreneurship is the foundation of the American business world.

- Michael J. Bruns
12Mar 2018

Highlights from Dick Gadomski’s presentation to the Entrepreneurs Roundtable

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Dick Gadomski shared his entrepreneurial story at a recent meeting of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable.



Passion and Motivation

Risk Taking

Self-Belief, Hard Work, and Disciplined Dedication


Understanding your offerings and its market

Money Management


Networking Abilities

Being prepared to take the exit

Entrepreneurs doubt themselves, but not too much





Recognizing Opportunity

Not being Afraid to Fail

Passion in Achieving your Vision

Driving Constant Change

Integrity in all that you do

Customer Focus

Having an Outside Board a whole lot smarter than me

Hire Good People whenever available

My Employees were a Second Family

Work Hard/Play Hard

Give Back to the Community



Things I have learned about life choices:


  • God and Family above all else
  • Be truthful and honest in all that you do
  • There is no substitute for hard work to achieve success in education, marriage, chosen profession, or relationships
  • The first 25 years of marriage are the toughest
  • Treat others the way you expect to be treated
  • If you’re not learning something every day, you have a bad job
  • Success isn’t permanent and failure isn’t fatal
  • What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger
  • God never gives you more than you can handle
  • The greatest successes follow the greatest failures
  • Experience is always better than education
  • Leaders don’t ask if a job needs to be done, they just do it
  • If you want to excel, follow your passions
  • People are basically good
  • If you are not growing, you are dying
  • We are here for a life of service to family, friends, and community
  • Our success on earth is not measured in things but in relationships
  • The customer is always right even when he isn’t
  • Surround yourself with people who have a lot more experience than you
  • Never pass up a free meal


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