Entrepreneurs and especially nonprofit entrepreneurs have a knack for recognizing opportunities that benefit others.


‘A significant number of those Memphis companies we tend to most admire started as entrepreneurial ventures.



Our programs are designed to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit, and to recognize the historical significance of entrepreneurs in developing a strong community. To the highest extent possible, these programs help ensure an economic climate exists in this country that allows the development of entrepreneurial enterprises.

Entrepreneurs Roundtable

Designed to bring together the community’s emerging business owners and entrepreneurs for open discussions and informative talks by influential business and civic leaders. Roundtable members are all Memphis business owners, and once invited, they may attend the monthly Roundtable meetings as their schedules allow. Meetings are held at various locations throughout the city of Memphis.

Insights Group

Membership comprises members of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable who are chosen to participate in small group meetings. The groups meet once a month, in a confidential, closed meeting, and openly discuss the rewards, obstacles and challenges of business ownership. The members pay a fee (which covers meals and administrative costs for the year), and monthly attendance is required.

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For additional information on the Entrepreneurs Roundtable or the Insight Groups, contact Pearson Crutcher, Executive Director at

P.O. Box 770839
Memphis, Tennessee 38177