Insights Group

In 2002, after having been established for more than a decade, the Society of Entrepreneurs launched its popular Insights Group as a way to connect successful entrepreneurs with new business owners.

The original Insights Group included eight fledgling business owners and 10 seasoned entrepreneurs who met monthly to discuss a variety of business topics. One-on-one mentoring opportunities were also part of the program, allowing for in-depth, confidential discussions on best business practices.

That tradition continues today, but the monthly meetings now feature 15 business owners who meet once a month as a group at various locations around Memphis. These closed meetings provide confidential forums for participants to seek and offer advice, exchange updates about their companies, and share experiences about the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.

And the one-on-one mentoring relationships continue, with 15 experienced business professionals coaching tomorrow’s business leaders.

Participants sign up for a one-year commitment, and agree to attend the monthly meetings. A small fee secures a place in the group, and also provides members with individual opportunities to engage with mentors who represent a wide variety of industries.

Membership is limited, but may be renewed annually at the discretion of the Society of Entrepreneurs.

The Society of Entrepreneurs was founded in 1991 to foster the development of the entrepreneurial spirit and to recognize the contribution of entrepreneurs to business and the community.

To learn more, contact Executive Director Pearson Crutcher at 901-299-9589 or send an email to pearson@soememphis.com.


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