Entrepreneurs Roundtable Lunch and Discussion with Kim Heathcott

Thursday, July 12, 2018 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm Napa Cafe, 5101 Sanderlin Avenue, Memphis, TN 38117

Kim Heathcott is the CEO and Owner of Clarion Security, a security guard services company founded in 2009. Ms. Heathcott started Clarion with one employee and no customers and has built the company to be the largest women-owned business in Memphis for the past three years, earning over $10 million dollars in projected 2017 revenues. The company has made the Inc 5000 list for three consecutive years as well as winning numerous pacesetter growth awards in the local Memphis market.

Prior to starting Clarion, Ms. Heathcott had an 18-year financial services career in corporate and asset-based lending, with an emphasis on fraud auditing and control investigations. In 2013, Ms. Heathcott was named President of the Memphis Chapter of The National Association of Woman Owned Business (NAWBO) after serving as Program Chair, Treasurer and President-Elect. As Past-President, Kim Heathcott created and founded the Memphis NAWBO Women’s Business Accelerator which has graduated two cohorts of 20 women the past two years. It’s innovative design and programming has driven the Memphis Chapter membership to almost double since inception.

In July of 2013, Ms. Heathcott was named a “Superwoman in Business” by Memphis Business Journal. Ms. Heathcott also has served on the board of the Greater Memphis Chamber and currently serves on the Chamber Small Business Council board. Ms. Heathcott holds an undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University in Economics, with a minor in Business Administration. Additionally, she earned an MBA from Southern Methodist University through its Executive MBA program in 1996.

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Entrepreneurs Roundtable “Tax Reform Issues Business Owners Need to Know About” presented by Chip Marston

Thursday, August 16, 2018 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm Napa Cafe, 5101 Sanderlin Avenue, Suite 122, Memphis, TN 38117

Mr. Chip Marston is the Founder and CEO of The Marston Group, PLC, where his practice focuses on advisory, tax and transaction-related financial reporting matters.  He serves as an advisor in entrepreneurial and private equity ventures and works with companies and their leadership teams in all phases of business, including formation, funding, growth and exit strategies. In addition, he works with individuals and family groups in the development and execution of tax, estate and gift, and legacy planning strategies. He serves as an advisor to several closely-held companies, families, trusts, and foundations.

Chip has extensive experience in tax, business, and complex family law controversies.  He has served as an expert witness, consultant, Special Master and Receiver in a number of litigated matters in state and federal courts and has represented clients before state and federal agencies in a variety of tax controversies.

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Insights from Entrepreneurs

Thursday, September 20, 2018 12:00 am to 12:00 am Junior Achievement of Memphis, 307 Madison Ave. Memphis, TN  38103

If you find the insights below thought-provoking then you will enjoy the upcoming Panel Presentation at the September Roundtable meeting.  In honor of our recent 25th Anniversary, The Society of Entrepreneurs published a book, “There’s Something in the Water, Intimate Accounts of River City Pioneers and Innovators.”  For the book, every member of the Society (all 117) was interviewed and shared their insights on such topics as the qualities needed to be an entrepreneur, advice for someone starting a business and how to find and retain the best employees.

Please join members of The Society of Entrepreneurs: Mike Bruns, Carolyn Hardy, Mary McDonald, Duncan Williams and Walker Uhlhorn,  as they share some of their thoughts and insights.

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“One MUST be an effective leader.  That leader should have empathy for every single person employed.  The leader must have a goal, a vision, and a mission that is clearly understood and never waivers.  There must be a level of integrity within that leader that gives every single employee a level of comfort that cannot be found anywhere else.” Mike Bruns, Comtrak Logistics (Retired)

“An entrepreneur’s leadership arsenal must include multi-tasking skills, the ability to do a lot with a little, and the emotional stamina to take a punch and get back up ready to  take on the next challenge with a positive attitude.” Carolyn Hardy, Henderson Transloading

“An entrepreneur’s passion grows not only be what you do, but also by what you do next. There is always an urge to invent, to create, to renew, and to climb another mountain with endless ideas for passionate productivity and excellence.Mary McDonald, MCD Partners

“Believe with everything you have that what you are doing will be a success.  Be able to give up some of the responsibility once the company grows.”  Duncan Williams, Duncan-Williams

An entrepreneur needs the following skills to be successful-imagination, perseverance, creativity, willingness to take a risk, integrity, willingness to work long hours, compassion for your fellow man, and self-confidence. I also think entrepreneurs have a unique talent for recognizing opportunity and problems and the ability to see solutions to the problems.” Walker Uhlhorn, Founder, The Society of Entrepreneurs

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