All successful entrepreneurs can identify certain other individuals that make their company viable and later successful.


Entrepreneurship is vital to the preservation of our society’s economic health and, more so, to its continued freedom and high standard of living.



Thursday, November 30, 2017 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Novel. 387 Perkins Extd. Memphis, TN 38117

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My greatest reward was experiencing and sharing the successes in business with the people I worked with and all of us realizing that without each other it would not be possible. There was no greater reward than knowing the“puzzle of people” I had become responsible for were all completely different from each other, yet together we became recognized as the most successful company in our industry.

Mike Bruns

Don’t be afraid to fail! You have to try and do things differently if you want to create something new.

-Duncan Williams

Hire those who have the required education, training, enthusiasm, and a willingness to work. You will quickly know when an employee does not fit into your organization; it is painful, but be prepared to terminate them if they do not fit your vision for the company.

Walker Uhlhorn

Just do it! Planning is important, but even more important is the execution of the plan, the vision. You won’t have all the answers, you won’t even know all the questions, and it will take patience and hard work, but don’t plan it to death, just do it.

-Mary McDonald

If you find the insights above thought-provoking then you will love the book recently published by The Society of Entrepreneurs “There’s Something in the Water, Intimate Accounts of River City Pioneers and Innovators.” For the book, every member of the Society was interviewed and shared their insights on such topics as the qualities needed to be an entrepreneur, advice for someone starting a business and how to find and retain the best employees.

We would love for you to join several members of The Society of Entrepreneurs as they share their thoughts and sign copies of the book “There’s Something in the Water, Intimate Accounts of River City Pioneers and Innovators”.

Panel Presenters to include:

Jay Martin, President of The Juice Plus Company, LLC

Duncan Williams, President of Duncan-Williams

Mary McDonald, Retired Secretary Of Education And Superintendent, Catholic Schools For The Diocese Of Memphis; Founder and CEO of MCD Partners

Mike Bruns, Retired Founder and Past President of Comtrak Logistics

Walker Uhlhorn, Founder, The Society of Entrepreneurs

Moderator Don Huston, New York Times Best-Selling Author and Chairman and CEO of US Learning

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